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Check items and reply items are used to authenticate users when an Access-Request message is received. Different AuthBy modules use different methods to store the check and reply items, but regardless of the module and how the user information is stored, all such items are used in the same way.
The general form of a check and reply item is
attribute-name = value
Attribute-name must be an attribute defined in your dictionary. Value may be surrounded by double quotes ("). Value must be surrounded by double quotes if it contains a comma. If a value is surrounded by double quotes use backslash (\) to escape embedded double quotes. You can have binary characters in a quoted string by specifying the octal code, preceded by a backslash. The spaces around the equals sign are optional.
Multiple check or reply items can be combined on a single line if they are separated by commas. Thus the following are all legal:
User-Password = fred
User-Password = "fred",Service-Type = Framed-User
Reply-Message="this, has commas, and quotes\" in it"
Tunnel-Server-Endpoint = "\000191.165.126.240 fr:20"
The RADIUS attributes in check and reply items must be a defined in your dictionary.