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This marks the beginning of an AuthBy clause, which defines how to authenticate and record accounting information. The xxxxxx is the name of a specific AuthBy module. This section lists the parameters all AuthBys use. AuthBys may also use other parameters that are specific for that AuthBy. AuthBy clauses may be defined at the top level or within a Realm or Handler clause.
Under special circumstances, you can have more than one AuthBy clause for a Realm or Handler or may want to use <AuthBy GROUP>, see Section 3.34. <AuthBy GROUP>. This makes the Handler or Realm or <AuthBy GROUP> try each AuthBy method in turn until one of them either Accepts or Rejects the request. You can change this with AuthByPolicy. For more information, see Section 3.34.1. AuthByPolicy. For example, it is useful to have an <AuthBy SQL> followed by an <AuthBy RADIUS>, which causes all authentication and accounting requests to be forwarded, and also all accounting requests will be recorded in SQL. This is good for keeping track of all requests forwarded to, say a global roaming server.
If there are no AuthBy clauses in a Realm or Handler, then Access requests will be rejected, and Accounting requests will be ignored.