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radpwtst options can be placed in an option file. The file format is one option per line. Leading and trailing white space is ignored. To preserve leading or trailing white space, use double quotes (") to surround the value. Empty lines and lines with # as first nonwhite space character are ignored. Use only one space between option name and value. See the example below.
# Set some defaults. Note: just one space between
# the option name and value
-trace 4
-nas_identifier " name with leading and trailing spaces "

# Attributes can have whitespace in the value only. Surround
# the value with " if there is trailing or leading space
Connect-Info=52100/31200 V91
radpwtst looks for options in /etc/radpwtstrc and $HOME/.radpwtstrc. It loads first the options file and then processes command line options. You can override options specified in the options file using command line options. For example, if the default trace level is 4 in the options file, you can temporarily use trace level 3 by using command line option -trace 3. This allows you to define the default parameters in the options file, but you can still temporarily use different values with command line parameters.