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Send Access-Request and Accounting Start to server oscar.open.com.au for user mikem@your.realm and password jim. Authenticate with CHAP. Make sure the request includes Connect-Info of 52100/31200 V91:
radpwtst -s oscar.open.com.au -nostop -chap
      -user mikem@your.realm -password jim 
      Connect-Info="52100/31200 V91"
Send Server-Status request to fred.open.com.au, print the reply:
radpwtst -status -noauth -noacct -s fred.open.com.au 
      -trace -message_authenticator
Send 1000 Access-Requests to for user fred, password jim, and print out how long it took:
radpwtst -iterations 1000 -noacct -user fred 
      -password jim -time
Send a Disconnect-Request:
radpwtst -noacct -noauth -code Disconnect-Request NAS-Port=1234
Make the GUI appear for extended interactive testing:
radpwtst -gui
Send an Access-Request to an IPv6 address:
radpwtst -noacct -s 2001:db8:100:f101::1
Send an Access-Request to the localhost loopback address using IPv6:
radpwtst -noacct -s ::1