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The name of a Unix SVR4 wtmp format file to log Accounting-Request messages. All Accounting-Request messages will be logged. If WtmpFileName is not defined, no messages will be logged in this format. The default is no logging. The file name can include Section 3.3. Special characters, which means that, for example, using the %c specifier, you can maintain separate accounting log files for each Client. The WtmpFileName file is always opened written and closed for each message, so you can safely rotate it at any time. Start messages are logged as USER_PROCESS (7), all other messages are logged as DEAD_PROCESS (8).
You may wish to use your standard Unix administration tools (such as last(1)) to process information in the wtmp file.
RedHat Linux 6.1 and later uses a modified format for wtmp files, compared with earlier versions. In order to use RedHat tools like last on a wtmp file produced by Radiator, you will need to use the -o flag (which specifies lib5c format).