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This optional parameter will force Radiator to automatically reply with a Class attribute with Access-Accept. The Class attribute should be echoed back by the NAS with the subsequent Accounting-Request messages that relate to this authentication. The Class attribute works in conjunction with tracing identifier, for more information about logging authentication and accounting messages, see Section 3.7.4. LogTraceId. AutoClass is currently experimental.
Even if you do not plan to use tracing identifier, enabling AutoClass may be useful for matching authentication logs with accounting sessions.
# Turn on global LogTraceId

# Generate a Class attribute that NAS will echo back
<Handler ...>
AutoClass supports optional parameters for further Class attribute formatting. These arguments are added to the values that AutoClass adds by default. The currently support arguments are uuid and formatted which add a hex value UUID or Radiator formatted string. The format is specified after a whitespace, see below for an example. The default is not to do further formatting.
# Add a v3 UUID to Class
AutoClass uuid
Perl module Data::UUID is required for the uuid parameter.
# Add the farm instance to Class
AutoClass formatted %O