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List of fields that are to be added to the standard fields sent to Opera in a Posting transaction. These are sent in addition to the standard ones of P#, TA, DU, PT, SO, CT and DD. Format is in the form: <fieldid>,<data>. Where <fieldid> is the 2 letter FieldID and <data> is the data to be sent in that field (special characters are permitted).
The special characters in <data> may include:
  • %0 the user (room) name
  • %1 the posting sequence number
  • %2 the cost computed by CentsPerSecond or ComputeCostHook
  • %3 the duration of the connection in ’hhmmss’ format
  • %4 the reservation number (G#) corresponding to the room number
In the following example, the type of posting is changed to PR, and the PR is defined to use the P#, TA, DU, PT, SO, CT and DD field (the defaults) and the additional field T1 (tax code). When a posting is sent, the T1 tax code is set to 3, and the additional G# (reservation number) is set to the user's reservation number from the Opera database.
PostingRecordID PR
PostingExtraFields T1,3
PostingExtraFields G#,%4