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<AuthBy FIDELIO> authenticates users from Micros-Fidelio Opera. Opera is a popular hotel Property Management System from Micros Fidelio.
AuthBy FIDELIO acquires the hotel guest list from Opera, and by default, authenticates each guest using their Room Number as the User-Name and their Guest Number as their password (this is configurable). By default, RADIUS Accounting Stops generate Opera PS simple postings. This can be changed with the PostingRecordID parameter.
If the acquired guest list is empty, this may be caused by Opera settings where the full guest list synchronisation is disabled. This option needs to be enabled for AuthBy FIDELIO to work.
By default, accounting postings are sent to Opera following receipt of an Accounting-Stop. The default PS record will contain:
Additional fields can be added to the Opera posting record with the PostingExtraFields parameter.
AuthBy FIDELIO requires a connection to the Opera computer system. Both RS232 serial and TCP/IP (Ethernet) connections are supported. RS232 support requires Device::SerialPort. It is part of CPAN. For more information, see Section 2.1.2.