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The Password log file is useful for your help desk to diagnose user's login problems. It is only written if you define PasswordLogFileName for a Realm. It is an ASCII text file containing the results of password checks, one check per line. Each line contains 5 colon (‘:’) separated fields:
The time is the full date time string, seconds is the number of seconds since January 1 1970 (Unix epoch). Result is the word “PASS” or “FAIL”. For example:
Mon Jun 29 12:24:21 1999:899087061:mikem:fredd:fred:FAIL
Mon Jun 29 12:24:38 1999:899087078:mikem:fred:fred:PASS
Mon Jun 29 12:38:53 1999:899087933:mikem:fred:fred:PASS
The file is opened, written and closed for each entry, so it can be safely rotated at any time.