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A port list file contains a list of permitted NAS address/port combinations that are permitted for a user or group of users. It is used by the NAS-Address-Port-List check item. It is an ASCII file, with two white space separated fields. The first field is the NAS address (either as a DNS name or IP address). The second field contains the lower and upper permitted port numbers in the format “lowport-highport”. Blank lines and lines starting with hash (‘#’) are ignored. You can have any number of entries for each NAS, and any number of NASs.
iPASS roaming users do not get their real NAS Address sent to Radiator. Radiator considers these to be address for the purposes of NAS-Address- Port-List.
# Users can log into ports 1-10 and 21-30 inclusive
# on or into ports 100 to 115 inclusive on
#, or into ports 16 to 20 inclusive on
# mynas.domain.com 1-10 21-30 100-115
mynas.domain.com 16-20
# For iPASS roaming: 0-1000