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This optional parameter allows you to specify how many server instances to create in a server farm. A server farm is a set of identical Radiator servers, all monitoring the same RADIUS sockets. Incoming RADIUS requests are distributed among the child servers in the server farm. The main server acts as a supervisor, and restarts children that die or are terminated. Unix only. Defaults to 0, which means no server farm, and only a single instance of Radiator is run.
This parameter can be used to improve performance in some cases on platforms that support multiple cores and fork().
This parameter, and the use of server farms is not compatible with many EAP protocols, such as EAP-TLS, EAP-TTLS, PEAP etc. This is because such protocols rely in authentication state being held within each server process, and it is necessary for all the requests for such protocols to go to the same Radiator instance.