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This optional parameter defines the Identifier of global MessageLog clause to log all Radius, Diameter, and TACACS+ protocol requests. This parameter is not set by default and no message logging is done.
You can specify multiple GlobalMessageLog parameters, typically one for each protocol. The general format is:
GlobalMessageLog protocol, identifier[, extras ...]
  • protocol defines the protocol. The possible values are:
    • radius
    • radsec
    • diameter
    • tacacsplus
  • identifier is the Identifier or the MessageLog clause that does the logging.
  • extras is currently unused.
For more information about MessageLog clauses, see Section 3.126. <MessageLog xxxxxx>.
Here is an example of using GlobalMessageLog:
# Log all RADIUS and Diameter messages with separage MessageLog clauses
GlobalMessageLog radius,messagelograd
GlobalMessageLog diameter,messagelogdia
In Radiator 4.20 or later, radius protocol does not include the messages sent and received over RadSec. To log these messages, define the protocol as radsec.