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Check items is the name given to the RADIUS attributes in the Access-Request that will be checked before the user will be granted an Access-Accept. All the check items for a user will be checked before the user will be granted an Access-Accept. If any check item is not satisfied the user will be denied access. You can have multiple check items for the same attribute, and the check will only pass if all check items pass.
Most (but not all) check items permit exact match, alternation or regular expression matches. For more information about using them, see Section 7.1.48. Any other attribute defined in your dictionary.
These check items can also be used in the request selection expression in a <Handler> clause. For more information, see Section 3.25. <Handler attribute=value,attribute=value, ....>.
You will usually use this to limit the conditions under which a user will be permitted to log on to your system. You will usually want to have a User-Password or Encrypted- Password, and you may also want to limit access via certain NASs, or at certain times. You can use any RADIUS attribute as a check item, and there are also some special attributes that are handled within Radiator in order to provide extra ways of controlling user access.
Since different brands and models of NAS implement different subsets of the RADIUS specification, it is not possible here to describe all the things you can configure in your NAS with reply items. Refer to your NAS vendor's documentation.
The following check items are supported by Radiator: