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Normally, Radiator fetches the user's password attribute from the LDAP server (using the PasswordAttr parameter), and checks the password internally. This optional parameter causes the LDAP server to check the password instead. This is useful with LDAP servers that implement proprietary encryption algorithms in their passwords (notably Open Directory from Platinum) can be used.
When ServerChecksPassword is specified, the password checking is performed using an LDAP bind operation.
Not supported by AuthBy LDAP or AuthBy LDAPSDK.
# We are using Open Directory
ServerChecksPassword is compatible with PAP, EAP-TTLS/PAP, and other authentication methods that provide a plain text password. ServerChecksPassword does not work with CHAP, MSCHAP, and most EAP methods since these do not provide a password Radiator can use with an LDAP bind operation.