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This optional clause allows you to specify your RADIUS and TACACS+ clients in an LDAP database in addition to or instead of your Radiator configuration file. When Radiator starts up and receives a SIGHUP signal, it queries the LDAP database with the SearchFilter. The results of that query are used to add details of RADIUS Clients that Radiator responds to. One Client clause is created for each matching LDAP record found. <ClientListLDAP> fetches the LDAP attributes specified by the ClientAttrDef parameters, and uses them to set the parameters in each Client clause. You can have some client details in your Radiator configuration file and some in <ClientListLDAP> although this can be confusing to future administrators.
This clause supports all the common LDAP configuration parameters. For more information about the LDAP configuration parameters, see Section 3.9.
There is a sample LDAP schema compatible with the default behaviour of <ClientListLDAP> in goodies/radiator-ldap.schema in your Radiator distribution. There are some example LDAP records for this schema in goodies/radiator-ldap.ldif.
There is an example configuration file showing how to configure <ClientListLDAP> in goodies/ldapradius.cfg in your Radiator distribution.