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AuthRADIATORLB.pm supports sending specially labelled RADIUS packets to a Radiator load balancer for forwarding to the actual destination NAS. This module can be used together with <AuthBy DYNAUTH>, and currently supports only RFC 5176 dynamic authentication requests that need to originate from Radiator and be sent by the LB towards the NAS. For more information about <AuthBy DYNAUTH>, see Section 3.94. <AuthBy DYNAUTH>. Gossip framework is supported for learning the LB addresses and dynauth ports. For more information, see Section 11. Using Gossip framework.
<AuthBy RADIATORLB> is a subclass of AuthBy RADIUSBYATTR and automatically handles retransmissions. For more information, see Section 3.95. <AuthBy RADIUSBYATTR>.
<AuthBy RADIATORLB> is currently experimental and will be fully documented later.