Radiator Carrier Module revision history

Revision 1.4 (2018-01-29)
  • Fixed crash in AuthBy DiaRelay when peer was not connected or DiaPeerDef was not found.
  • AddToRequestFromDia did not add the configured attributes.
Revision 1.3 (2018-01-26)
  • Added RADIUS VSA modules for vendors 3GPP (10415) and Wi-Fi Alliance (40808) for encoding and decoding some of the vendors' specially formatted attributes.
  • Added dictionary.custom_vsa with entries that tell Radiator to encode and decode some of the 3GPP and Wi-Fi Alliance attributes with their respective VSA modules.
  • Added new module AuthBy DiaINTERNAL that provides functionality similar to Radiator's AuthBy INTERNAL.
  • Added support for ServerDHCP for serving DHCP requests by converting them to RADIUS requests. Configuration sample is in server-dhcp.cfg in goodies.
  • The VSA modules and ServerDHCP require Radiator 4.19 + patches or later. Otherwise requires Radiator 4.17 or later.
  • Minor internal changes to logging and interoperability with other Radiator packs.
Revision 1.2 (2017-06-20)
  • Added support for Diameter S13/S13' EIR interface. DiaEIR.pm provides an EIR client module for asynchronous and synchronous EIR queries. EIR results can optionally be cached with different types of EIR cache modules. AuthBy DiaEIR does an EIR check for requests it processes. This AuthBy also provides an example of how to use DiaEIR.pm. ServerEIR.pm provides a test EIR server. See goodies/eir-client.cfg for a full configuration example.
  • Fixed a crash when no DiaPeerDefs were configured
  • Requires Radiator 4.17 or later
Revision 1.1 (2017-01-02)
  • Log tracing ids are supported for Diameter messages
  • Statistics are now collected for additional Diameter connections: connections that must be disconnected because the peer is already connected, connections that have no matching DiaPeerDef and connections from which no CER was received
  • Requires Radiator 4.17 or later
Revision 1.0 (2016-06-15)
  • Initial release: reorganisation of existing and new modules. Base components from Radiator Telco module are now included in Radiator Carrier module.
  • DiameterTelcoConnection now calls DiaPeer's send_reply() instead of calling send() directly. This is preferred to keep the peer state machine up to date.
  • OriginHost and OriginRealm in DiaPeerDef now support special formatting
  • Diameter initiator connections are now activated after the configuration has been loaded instead of during configuration loading
  • DiaPeerDef now understands LocalAddress and LocalPort for initiator Diameter connections. Requires Radiator 4.16 + patches or later
  • Added new module MessagerLog FILECARRIER which allows RADIUS and Diameter messages in libpcap format. Requires Radiator 4.16 + patches or later
  • Requires Radiator 4.14 or later unless otherwise stated