OSC and XpressConnect

XpressConnect (TM) is a lightweight, dissolving wizard, customised by the network administrator, which automates the configuration process, resolves software conflicts, and assists the user in accessing their secure network. As an industry-first solution developed by Cloudpath Networks, XpressConnect offers scalable, sustainable support of secure networks.

From wired to wireless, pre-shared keys to 802.1X, WPA to WPA2, Windows (TM) to Mac (TM), managed users to unmanaged users, XpressConnect provides automated, self-service support that dramatically lowers support costs.

XpressConnect Network Access Wizard: XpressConnect is ideal for universities, organisations and institutions where timely and secure network access is a constant demand:

Open System Consultants (OSC) is Cloudpath's Australia/New Zealand representative. Radiator RADIUS server is compatible with XpressConnect and we can provide design and consulting services for all network access and authentication requirements.

Please email us at info@open.com.au or visit Cloudpath to get an appreciation of the end-user experience.