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The radpwtst program will present a Graphical User Interface (GUI) when it is started with the -gui flag. If you select this option, the GUI will stay visible until dismissed. This allows you to send a number of different requests with a single mouse click, and to quickly and easily change the attributes to be sent. These features allow easy testing of Radiator (or any other RADIUS server for that matter), particularly when configuring a new realm or user.
radpwtst -gui requires the Perl Tk module to be installed on your host machine.
The command line flags given to radpwtst are used to preconfigure the values you see in the interface. You can change the values at any time to affect the next request to be sent. Press the Start button to commence sending, and the Stop button to stop sending.
On each iteration, radpwtst will send one of each of the requests selected in the middle panel. The requests will contain attributes and values configured in the first panel, and the requests will be sent to the server and ports configured in the third panel. Not all attributes are sent in every request type: only the usual ones for that request type.
In the lower panel, you can trace the progress of each request and the reply, You can control the level of detail seen for each request and reply with the Options->Trace Level menu.

Figure 17. radpwtst Graphical User Interface