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This is similar to Section 3.13.20. AddToReply except it adds attributes to an Access-Accept only if there would otherwise be no reply attributes. StripFromReply does never remove any attributes added by DefaultReply. Value is a list of comma separated attribute value pairs all on one line, exactly as for any reply item. You can use any of the special % formats in the attribute values. There is no default.
Although this parameter can be used in any AuthBy method, it is most useful in methods like <AuthBy UNIX> and <AuthBy SYSTEM>, which do not have a way of specifying per-user reply items. In other AuthBy methods you can also very easily set up a standard set of reply items for all users, yet you can still override reply items on a per-user basis.
# If the user had no reply items set some
DefaultReply Service-Type=Framed,Framed-Protocol=PPP