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This defines a vendor-specific attribute. RADIUS defines a special attribute number 26 that can be used to hold any vendor defined data type. This allows NAS vendors to add their own NAS-specific codes.
VENDORATTR 9 cisco-avpair 1 string
VENDORATTR is a keyword that says this is a vendor-specific attribute definition. 9 is the SMI Network Management Private Enterprise Code of the vendor (Cisco in this example). cisco-avpair is the symbolic name for the attribute, and string is the data type. The same data types as for ATTRIBUTE are supported. Radiator supports both hex and decimal attribute numbers in VENDORATTR.
After an integer VENDORATTR is defined, you can have VALUE definitions in the same format as for other ATTRIBUTES.
If you redefine a VENDORATTR by defining a new name for an previously defined vendor attribute number, the new definition will silently replace the old one.
attrnum may be in decimal, hex (prefixed by ‘0x’) or octal (prefixed by 0).
VENDORATTR also supports the same optional flags. For more information, see Section 9.1.1. ATTRIBUTE attrname attrnum type [flags].