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Sets the priority level of trace messages to be logged in the log file (and printed on stdout if LogStdout is defined). The argument is an integer from 0 to 5, with the following meanings:
  • 0 ERR. Error conditions. Serious and unexpected failures
  • 1 WARNING. Warning conditions. Unexpected failures
  • 2 NOTICE. Normal but significant conditions
  • 3 INFO. Informational messages
  • 4 DEBUG. Debugging messages
  • 5 EXTRA_DEBUG. Incoming raw packet dumps in hexadecimal
A trace level of 4 or more will produce all the possible tracing messages, including dumps of every RADIUS message received and sent: you probably do not want that in a production environment. The default tracing level is 0. You can change the current tracing level while Radiator is running on Unix platforms by signalling it with SIGUSR1 and SIGUSR2. For more information, see Section 4. Configuring radiusd.
# Show everything up to and including INFO level
Trace       3