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This optional parameter specifies a timeout interval in seconds that Radiator waits for when trying to contact the SQL server specified by DBAuth. The timeout is also be used for the SQL queries. When a query times out, it is retried until SQLRetries limit is reached. For more information about SQLRetries, see Section 3.8.7. SQLRetries.
If the server does not respond within the Timeout period, Radiator considers the SQL server to be failed, and stops trying to contact the SQL server until the FailureBackoffTime is expired. The default value for FailureBackoffTime is 60 seconds. If you set Timeout to 0, no timeouts are implemented, and Radiator relies on the underlying implementation to timeout any SQL operations.
# Set the timeout to two seconds
Timeout 2
Timeout is not supported on Perl for Windows. On Windows platforms, the timeout usually is determined by the TCP timeouts built in to your Windows TCP stack.
When DBD supports defining connection or query timeouts, those driver-specific timeout options must be used in DBSource. In this case, the value of Timeout must be larger than the timeout value in DBSource.
Set Timeout to 0 If you are using Sybase ODBC libraries.