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This check item allows you to specify which times of day and which days of the week the user is allowed to log on. The Time check is preferred to the Block-Logon-From and Block-Logon-To check items, which will not be supported in the future.
The format consists of day specifiers followed by hours intervals. Multiple day specifications are permitted with multiple values separated by commas (if you use commas, the entire check item must be enclosed with double quotes ("). Authentication will be permitted if the current local time on the Radiator server is within at least one of the time intervals specified.
Day specifiers are Mo, Tu, We, Th, Fr, Sa, Su for the days of the week. Wk means Mo- Fr and Al means any day. Hours intervals are specified as HHMM-HHMM. Typical examples are:
Time = "MoTuWe0800-1400,Wk2200-0400" 
Time = "Al1800-0600,Wk1000-1330"
You can use Session-Timeout="until Time" as a reply item, which will set the session timeout to be the number of seconds until the end of the valid time period. For more information, see Section 7.2.8. Session-Timeout.