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Radiator supports the IETF RFC 2868 standard tunnel attributes, and also permits you to specify tagged tunnel attributes. Tags are a method of grouping attributes in the same packet which refer to the same tunnel. A tag is an integer from 1 to 31 inclusive. In Radiator you can specify a tag for a tunnel attribute by prefixing it with the tag number and a colon. For example, here are 3 tunnel reply attributes, all with a tag of 1:
If a tag and colon are not specified, the tag is assumed to be 0. A tag with value 0 in reply attributes may confuse some clients. We recommend using a non-0 value for reply attributes.
Radiator reply attributes that support tags are:
  • Tunnel-Type
  • Tunnel-Medium-Type
  • Tunnel-Client-Endpoint
  • Tunnel-Server-Endpoint
  • Acct-Tunnel-Connection (also called Tunnel-ID)
  • Tunnel-Password
  • Tunnel-Private-Group-ID
  • Tunnel-Assignment-ID
  • Tunnel-Preference
  • Tunnel-Client-Auth-ID
  • Tunnel-Server-Auth-ID