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You can require that the peer matches one of a specified set of signatures with TLS_CertificateFingerprint. When a TLS peer presents a certificate, this optional parameter specifies one or more fingerprints, one of which must match the fingerprint of the peer certificate. The format is algorithm:fingerprint. No fingerprint checks are done by default. Using this parameter requires Net::SSLeay 1.37 or later.
Here is an example of using TLS_CertificateFingerprint:
TLS_CertificateFingerprint \
TLS_CertificateFingerprint \
TLS_CertificateFingerprint \
TLS_CertificateFingerprint md5:2A:2D:F1:44:40:81:22:D4:60:6D:9A:B0:F4:BF:DD:24