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This marks the beginning of a StatsLog clause, which defines how to log statistics from Radiator internal objects. The xxxxxx is the name of a specific StatsLog module. For more about Diameter statistics and how to configure logging them, see Section 3.122. <DiaStatsLog xxxxxx>. This section lists the configuration parameters all StatsLogs and DiaStatsLogs use and describes StatsLog statistics in detail.
StatsLogs may also use additional parameters that are specific for that StatsLog. StatsLog clauses are defined at the top level configuration.
Radiator collects statistics for the server as a whole, as well as for each Client, Realm, Handler, AuthBy, and Host that a packet passes through. The following statistics are collected for each object or clause:

Table 10. Statistics collected within Radiator and usage in Format parameter

Symbolic name Description Format character
requests Total requests %22
droppedRequests Total dropped requests %14
duplicateRequests Total duplicate requests %17
proxiedRequests Total proxied requests %21
proxiedNoReply Total proxied requests with no reply %20
badAuthRequests Total Bad authenticators in requests %11
responseTime Average response time (seconds). This is a cumulative moving average of the per-request elapsed processing time for the last 100 requests. %23
accessRequests Access requests %6
dupAccessRequests Duplicate access requests %15
accessAccepts Access accepts %3
accessRejects Access rejects %5
accessChallenges Access challenges %4
malformedAccessRequests Malformed access requests %18
badAuthAccessRequests Bad authenticators in authentication requests %9
accountingRequests Accounting requests %7
dupAccountingRequests Duplicate accounting requests %16
accountingResponses Accounting responses %8
malformedAccountingRequests Malformed accounting requests %19
badAuthAccountingRequests Bad authenticators in accounting requests %10
droppedAccountingRequests Dropped accounting requests %13
In the case of AuthBy clauses you should set a unique Identifier in each clause, otherwise you will not necessarily be able to distinguish between each AuthBy clause in StatsLog statistics.
responseTime measures the per-request processing time, the time required for Radiator to fully process a single request. It does not measure the Access-Request/ Access-Accept delay. For more information about how responseTime is calculated, see Table 10. Statistics collected within Radiator and usage in Format parameter.
responseTime will be computed based on time measurements accurate to 1 microsecond when Time::HiRes module is available. This should be the case with all modern Perl versions.