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SessionDatabaseOptions allows controlling how Handler communicates with its session database.
The following options are available:
  • NoDeleteBeforeAuthentication suppresses the call to delete a session from session database when Access-Request is received. Calling delete is useful, for example, when a NAS port can only have a single active session. An Access-Request indicates that a new session is starting and calling delete allows to clear the old session if its accounting Stop was lost.
  • AddBeforeAuthentication causes this Handler to add a new session before passing the Access-Request to AuthBys
  • AddAfterAuthentication causes this Handler to add a new session after successful authentication without waiting for Accounting Start
  • UseRewrittenName tells the Handler to use rewritten user name with session database. If the option is set, the rewritten user name (as rewritten by RewriteUsername etc) is used. Otherwise the original User-Name attribute from the request is used.
  • NoDeleteOnSessionStop replaces a call to delete a session from session database with a call to update a session when an accounting stop is received. This allows the session database to hold records of ended sessions.
Enabling UseRewrittenName provides the same functionality as setting the SessionDatabaseUseRewrittenName (for more information, see Section 3.27.23. SessionDatabaseUseRewrittenName). New configurations must use this option instead of setting the configuration parameter.