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This optional clause specifies an external DBM file Session Database for radiusd. The Session Database is used to hold information about current sessions as part of Simultaneous-Use limit checking. It can also be used by external utilities for querying the online user population If you do not specify a SessionDatabase clause, the database will be kept internal to radiusd, which is faster, but does not make the data available to other processes.
Because Radiator does not lock the DBM file, a single SessionDatabase DBM file should never be used by more than one instance of Radiator. When attempting to enforce Simultaneous-Use limits across multiple Radiator servers, always use Session-Database SQL.
Radiator will choose the best format of DBM file available to you, depending on which DBM modules are installed on your machine. (Hint: You can force it to choose a particular format by using the DBType parameter)
<SessionDatabase DBM> understands also the same parameters as <SessionDatabase xxxxxx>. For more information, see Section 3.16. <SessionDatabase xxxxxx>.