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This clause tells Radiator to act as a Diameter to RADIUS gateway.
Diameter is an AAA protocol described in RFC 6733 (and others). It provides for TCPIP or SCTP transport and TLS encryption. It makes specific provision for carrying RADIUS compatible requests and defines Diameter to RADIUS gateways. ServerDIAMETER implements such a Diameter to RADIUS gateway.
Incoming Diameter requests are converted as far as possible into RADIUS requests and then dispatched internally within Radiator. A Realm or Handler can be configured to handle the request either locally or proxy it (as a RADIUS request) to another RADIUS server. RADIUS replies are sent back to the originating Diameter peer. Handlers may use the Client-Identifier to match requests received by a particular <ServerDIAMETER> clause.
By default, <ServerDIAMETER> listens for connections from Diameter peers on TCP port 3868. By default it does not require TLS encryption of the Diameter connection. <ServerDIAMETER> never contacts a Diameter peer by itself: it always acts only as a Diameter server.
By default, <ServerDIAMETER> uses a hardwired internal dictionary to translate Diameter requests into readable parameters. You can use the global configuration parameter DiameterDictionaryFile to alter the hardwired internal dictionary.
<ServerDIAMETER> supports TLS. For more information about TLS parameters, see Section 3.11. TLS configuration.