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This optional clause enables an SNMP Agent that will allow you to fetch statistics from Radiator using SNMP version 1 or 2c. Radiator supports all the SNMP objects described in the draft IETF standard defined in draft-ietf-radius-servmib-04.txt, as well as:
Copies of the standards documents are included in the doc directory of the Radiator distribution.
SNMPAgent requires SNMP_Session-0.92.tar.gz or later to be installed first.
RedHat and CentOS users can install the vendor supplied perl-SNMP_Session RPM package. For .deb based systems the package may be available as libsnmp-session-perl or other similar name. The source package is available for download from SNMP-session Opens in new window
If you do not include this clause in your Radiator configuration file, it will not respond to any SNMP requests.
# Example, showing how to enable SNMP handling
      ROCommunity mysnmpsecret
If you enable SNMPAgent, you will be able to collect server statistics using a 3rd party SNMP package such as MRTG, Open View etc. You can also use SNMP to reset the server.
You can test that it is working properly with a command on Unix like this one, that gets the value of radiusServIdent from the old draft MIB:
$ snmpget -c public -v 1 localhost .iso.org.dod.internet.
SNMPv2-SMI::experimental. = STRING: "Radiator 3.6 on zulu"
And this gets the uptime from the new Authentication server MIB:
$ snmpget -c public -v 1 localhost .
SNMPv2-SMI::mib- = Timeticks: (200) 0:00:02.00