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For a given request, if Resolver does not find a target and there is no explicit Route, and no DEFAULT Route and this flag is set, the request will be redespatched to the Handler/ Realm system for handling. This allows for a flexible fallback in the case where DNSROAM cannot find how to route a request. The redespatched request will have the attribute OSC-Environment-Identifier set to the AuthBy DNSROAM’s Identifier value or ‘DNSROAM’ if the Identifier is not set.
To create a fallback to multiple target hosts, configure AuthBy DNSROAM without DEFAULT Route and with RedespatchIfNoTarget set. Then create a <Handler OSCEnvironment- Identifier=DNSROAM> to match the redespatched requests. This Handler can have, for example, AuthBy RADSEC clause with two hosts which are used if DNSROAM cannot route the request.