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This is used to calculate packet rates that are different from the value of Interval. RateCalculationInterval is an optional parameter that defines the time interval (in seconds) in which the packet rate is calculated. For example, if Interval is set to 600 seconds and RateCalculationInterval is set to 60, statistics is dumped in every 600 seconds but packet rate shows the average amount of packets in 60 second interval.
Calculated example: Amount of packets in Interval (600 s) is 1000 pkts and RateCalculationInterval is one minute (60 s). (1000 pkts/10 min) * (60 s/min) / (600 s/10 min) = 100 pkts/min.
RateCalculationInterval defaults to 1 (packets per second).
# We are interested in packets per minute
RateCalculationInterval 60