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In DBSource, driver name is “Pg”, and options is the database name to use. DBUsername is the PostgreSQL user name, and DBAuth is the password for the PostgreSQL user. You should note that some versions of PostgreSQL do not permit columns with the name PASSWORD. Therefore, you may have to alter the name of the PASSWORD column to PASS_WORD, and use that column name in your AuthSelect configuration parameter.
To create a new database (make sure you are a postgres DBA before running these commands, otherwise they wont work):
createuser user
createdb radius
psql -f postgresCreate.sql radius
Configure your SQL clause like this:
DBSource    dbi:Pg:dbname=radius
DBUsername  user
DBAuth      password
Use buildsql like this:
buildsql -dbsource dbi:Pg:dbname=radius
      -dbusername user -dbauth password ...