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This optional parameter specifies how the pool hint is derived. A pool hint is generally used by an AddressAllocator to determine which pool to allocate an address from. The value of the pool hint will therefore depend on what type of Address Allocator you are using, and usually which pools are available.
The default PoolHint (and the most common requirement) is ‘%{Reply:PoolHint}’, which means the pool hint is an attribute called ‘PoolHint’ in the current reply. Presumably the PoolHint will have been set in the reply by some previous AuthBy clause. This is easy to do for example in an AuthBy FILE, by adding the pool hint attribute to the users file:
user1       Password=x

user2       Password=y
The PoolHint attribute will then be used by the Address Allocator to indicate which pool to allocate from. The exact way the pool hint is used depends on the type of Address Allocator you are using, so refer to the documentation for the Address Allocator.
If the pool hint resolves to an empty string, a DEBUG message will be issued, no address will be allocated, but the request will be ACCEPTED. This allows you to arrange for only some users to get an address allocated (and the NAS will allocate addresses for the others).