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Some Monitor commands accept Radiator object names as arguments. This allows you to identify specific internal Radiator objects to operate on or to monitor. A Radiator object is an internal Radiator structure which generally corresponds to a clause in the Radiator configuration file. There always exists a main object (ServerConfig) that represents the server as a whole, and which is the ultimate ‘parent’ of all the other objects. The Radiator objects form a tree structure with ServerConfig as the root.
You can identify specific Radiator objects with an object name. An object name consists of a number of dot (‘.’) separated words. A single dot is taken to mean the root, the main ServerConfig object. In object names, case is significant.
Consider this skeleton Radiator configuration file:
DbDir ....
Trace 4
<Realm xyz.com>
      <AuthBy FILE>
Then the following object names could be used:
  • .
    A single dot refers to the server as a whole, or ServerConfig. If you got STATS from . then you would receive the statistics for the whole server.
  • .Client.0
    This refers to the first (and only) Client clause.
  • .Realm.0
    This refers to the first (and only) Realm xyz.com clause.
  • .Realm.0.AuthBy.0
    This refers to the AuthBy FILE clause inside the Realm clause.