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This optional parameter allows you to control the SQL query that is used to insert log messages into the database. Special formatting characters are permitted.
The default is:
values (%t, %0, %2)
The variables are:
  • %t is translated as a special character to the current time.
  • %0 is converted to the message priority (in integer in the range 0 to 4 inclusive).
  • %1 is converted to an ASCII string describing the message priority.
  • %2 is converted to the log message, quoted and escaped.
  • %3 is converted to the table name defined by the Table parameter above.
  • %4 is replaced by the SQL quoted User-Name (or ‘NULL’ if there is no current Access-Request).
  • %5 is replaced by the tracing identifier string.
You might want to use either %1 or %2 in your query, but rarely both.