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This specifies an optional Perl hook that runs for each log message when defined. The hook must return the formatted log message. By default no hook is defined and SuccessFormat and FailureFormat are used for formatting. The hook parameters are the message severity level, the reason string, a reference to the current request a tracing identifier string.
Here is an example of using LogFormatHook:
# This auth logger logs both success and failure to a file in
# JSON format. The JSON Perl module must be installed.
<AuthLog FILE>
      Identifier myauthlogger-json
      Filename %L/authlog.json
      LogFormatHook sub { Radius::LogFormat::format_authlog_json(@_); }
      LogSuccess 1
      LogFailure 1
For more examples, see goodies/logformat.cfg.
Consider installing JSON::XS for higher performance JSON encoding.