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This optional parameter specifies the local address(es) to bind the proxy forwarding socket. This in turn specifies what the IP source address will be in forwarded requests. Defaults to BindAddress (which defaults to, i.e. the default source address). If no appropriate IPv4 or IPv6 address is found in LocalAddress, the default IPv4 or IPv6 source address for the host will be used. This parameter is usually only useful for multi-homed hosts. If you do not understand what this is for, do not set it: the default behaviour is fine for most situations. If BindAddress or LocalAddress are set to multiple comma separated addresses, only the first IPv4 or IPv6 address (as appropriate) will be used for outgoing IPv4 or IPv6 addresses.
IPv6 addresses are not required to be prefixed with 'ipv6:' with Radiator 4.13 or later.
# We are multi-homed, bind the proxy port so forwarded requests
# appear to come from
You can make forwarded IPv4 requests appear to come from one address, and IPv6 requests appear to come from a different address. In this example, requests will usually be forwarded to 2002:721:1500:1::a101, and will have a source address of 2001:720:1500:1::a100. If 2002:721:1500:1::a101 does not reply, then requests will be forwarded to with a source address of
Host 2002:721:1500:1::a101
AuthBy RADIUS will create and use a separate UDP network socket for each distinct source address used from the LocalAddress list.