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InterBase Opens in new window is a full ANSI compliant database server available for free on a number of Unix platforms including Linux. There is also a DBDInterbase now available from CPAN. For more information, see Section 2.1.2. CPAN.
There is an example schema in goodies/interbaseCreate.sql. You can then use <AuthBy SQL> in the usual way, with a couple of little tweaks. Note that the name of the password column is PASS_WORD (PASSWORD is a reserved word in Interbase).
To create a new database:
$ /usr/interbase/bin/isql 
SQL> create database "/path/to/your/database.gdb" user "username"
password "password";
SQL> exit;
/usr/interbase/bin/isql -input interbaseCreate.sql '/path/to/
Configure your SQL clause like this:
DBSource    dbi:InterBase:database=/path/to/your/database.gdb
DBUsername  username
DBAuth      password
AuthSelect  select PASS_WORD from SUBSCRIBERS where\USERNAME='%n'
Use buildsql like this:
buildsql -dbsource dbi:InterBase:database=/path/to/your/database.gdb 
      -dbusername user -dbauth password ...