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Informix Opens in new window is a fully featured commercial database, available on a number of platforms, including Linux. The Perl DBD-Informix module is very mature and was developed in conjunction with Informix development staff. Building DBD-Informix requires that you have a working Informix installation and DBA access to a test database. We recommend that you carefully follow the procedures in the DBDInformix README file, then build, test and install DBD-Informix before attempting to create and configure a Radiator database on Informix.
The create a new database, you must ensure you have your INFORMIXDIR and INFORMIXSERVER environment variable set up specifying an operating Informix server.
$ dbaccess - -
> create database radius@stores;
Database created.
connect to 'radius@stores';
grant connect to public;
Permission granted.
$ dbaccess radius@stores - <goodies/informixCreate.sql
Configure your SQL clause like this:
DBSource    dbi:Informix:radius@stores
DBUsername  user
DBAuth      password
Use buildsql like this:
buildsql -dbsource dbi:Informix:radius@stores -dbusername user
      -dbauth password ...