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Radiator supports IPv6 transport for RADIUS over UDP, RadSec (RFC 6614), DIAMETER, and TACACS+. This means that Radiator can send, receive, and proxy requests over IPv6.
Older Perl versions require Socket6.pm for IPv6 support. If Radiator cannot find working IPv6 support during the startup, it logs an INFO level message. If there is no working IPv6 support, RADIUS attributes with IPv6 types are available as binary values, and IPv6 sockets are not supported.
Radiator 4.13 does not require ipv6:-prefix for IPv6 addresses anymore. It is still allowed but should be avoided in new configurations. This prefix can be used to request IPv6 address resolution for names. By default, the names are currently resolved to IPv4 addresses only.
Various modules describe their IPv6 support in more detail. For example, <AuthBy LDAP2> can connect to LDAP servers over IPv6 with detailed IPv6 information. For more information, see Section 3.45. <AuthBy LDAP2>. Another example is the Resolver clause for <AuthBy DNSROAM>, which can query DNS servers over IPv6 and optionally fetch IPv6 records if configured to do so.
For more information about SNMP support for IPv6, see Section 3.25. <SNMPAgent>.
Supported RADIUS specific IPv6 RFCs include:
Many protocols, such as DIAMETER, do not require specifically IPv4 or IPv6. Radiator supports these protocols over both IP versions as long as the underlying operating system and Perl modules offer support for the both protocols.