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This optional parameter allows you to specify an alternate mapping between the fields returned by HostSelect and the parameters used to define the Host. If HostColumnDef is not specified, the mapping is the default as described in Section 3.56.1. HostSelect.
The format of HostColumnDef is:
HostColumnDef n,paramspec
Where n is the column number of the fields as returned by HostSelect (starting at 0), and paramspec may be one of the following:
In the following example, HostSelect returns five fields. The first defines the Host name or address, the second is the shared secret for that host, the third is the maximum retry count, and the fourth is the failure policy. The last is a comma-separated list of reply items that is added to the reply.
           from RADSQLRADIUS where TARGETNAME=?
HostSelectParam %1

HostColumnDef 0, Host
HostColumnDef 1, Secret
HostColumnDef 2, Retries
HostColumnDef 3, failurePolicy
HostColumnDef 4, AddToRequest
If a Host has FailurePolicy defined, and NoReplyHook is defined, then NoReplyHook is run before the automatic replies are sent.