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The parameter forces the authentication module to fork(2) before handling the request. Fork should only be set if the authentication module or the way you have it configured is slow, so that it takes more than a fraction of a second to process the request.
If you do not understand what forking is for or how it can improve the performance of your Radiator server, talk about it with someone who does before using it. Not all authentication methods will benefit from forking. Fork has no effect on Windows platforms.
In particular, it does not usually make sense to use Fork with AuthBy SQL, AuthBy FILE, AuthBy LDAP or any of the other common authentication methods provided with Radiator. Further, some SQL and LDAP client libraries are not robust across forks. You might want to consider using Fork with AuthBy EXTERNAL or a custom authentication module if it needs to do significant amounts of IO, or to communicate with a remote system.
# This AuthBy EXTERNAL program is very slow, and does lots of IO