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This is the optional name of the LDAP attribute that contains a Unix crypt(3) encrypted password for the user. If you specify EncryptedPasswordAttr, it will be used instead of PasswordAttr, and PasswordAttr will not be fetched. You must specify either PasswordAttr or EncryptedPasswordAttr. There is no default.
If your passwords are in the form {crypt}1xMKc0GIVUNbE, {SHA}0DPiKuNIrrVmD8IUCuw1hQxNqZc= or {SSHA}0DPiKuNIrrVmD8IUCuw1hQxNqZc= you should be using PasswordAttr, not EncryptedPasswordAttr. Only use EncryptedPasswordAttr if the your password are plain old Unix crypt format, like: 1xMKc0GIVUNbE.
# Get the encrypted password from cryptpw
EncryptedPasswordAttr cryptpw