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EAP Generic-Token is intended to support a range of authentication tokens from various vendors. In this context, a ‘token’ is a small device that the end user carries and which displays a login passcode that is used to authenticate the user. Examples are RSA SecurID, Encotone TeleID and Vasco tokens. Most such systems have back end servers that do the actual authentication. EAP Generic-Token does not support dynamic WEP keys.
EAP Generic-Token can be used with Radiator AuthBy clauses ACE, LDAPDIGIPASS, SQLDIGIPASS, OTP, OPIE, RSAMOBILE to support one-time passwords. It can also be used with all AuthBy clauses that support static passwords, such as FILE, SQL, LDAP, UNIX etc. In this case, it prompts the user ‘Enter your static password’.