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If more than one RADIUS request is received with the same source and destination IP address, source port, RADIUS authenticator and RADIUS Identifier within DupInterval seconds, the 2nd and subsequent requests are deemed to be duplicates or retransmissions. If the earlier request has already been replied to, then that reply will be resent back to the NAS. Otherwise the duplicate request will be dropped. A value of 0 means duplicates and retransmissions are always accepted, which might not be very wise, except during testing. RFC 5080 recommends a value between 5 and 30 seconds. Default is 10 seconds, which will detect and ignore duplicates due to multiple transmission paths and common retransmission intervals. In general you should never need to worry about or set this parameter. Ignore it and accept the default.
# brian.open.com.au is being tested
<Client brian.open.com.au>
      Secret 666obaFGkmRNs666
      DupInterval 0