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By default, Radiator and Perl will choose the ‘best’ format of DBM file available to you, depending on which DBM modules are installed on your machine. You can override this choice by specifying DBType as the name of one of the DBM formats supported on your platform. The typical choices are:
  • AnyDBM_File
  • NDBM_File
  • DB_File
  • GDBM_File
  • SDBM_File
  • ODBM_File
But not may be available on your platform. The default is AnyDBM_File, which chooses the best available implementation.
# Force it to use DB_File
DBType DB_File
If you alter this and your are using the radwho.cgi script, you will probably have to alter the $dbtype variable at the top of that script so that it uses a compatible DBM type.