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You can run this hook whenever Radiator attempts to connect to an SQL database and fails to connect. The default is to log the failure. The hook is called with 4 arguments: $object, $dbsource, $dbusername, $dbauth. $object is the SqlDb object trying to connect. The other parameters are the currently used values for DBSource, DBUsername, and DBAuth.
In the following example the default hook is replaced with a hook that logs unobscured password.
ConnectionAttemptFailedHook sub { \
 my $self = $_[0]; my $dbsource = $_[1]; \
 my $dbusername = $_[2]; my $dbauth = $_[3]; \
 $self->log($main::LOG_ERR, "Could not connect to SQL database with DBI->connect \
            $dbsource, $dbusername, $dbauth: $@ $DBI::errstr"); }