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Some of the Radiator features require Perl modules that may not be part of the Perl distribution you are using. For example, there is no prebuilt RPM for Red Hat, or the Windows Strawberry Perl distribution does not include the required module. In this case, you need to install the module from CPAN.
On Windows with ActivePerl or Strawberry Perl, review Windows installation before continuing. You can use the tools these Perl distributions provide.
CPAN stands for Comprehensive Perl Archive Network. CPAN is a repository of Perl modules including the core Perl itself. You can use CPAN to search and download Perl modules, view their documentation, source code and change logs.
You can search CPAN for Perl modules with several methods, for example:
Perl comes with tools for downloading and building Perl modules automatically. For more information, see How to install CPAN modules Opens in new window. cpan and cpanm are the common tools, they are run from command line:
cpan Digest::MD5
cpanm Digest::MD5
If you do not have network access, the general procedure for installing a Perl module is:
  1. Unpack the downloaded module in a work area.
    tar zxvf Digest-MD5-2.55.tar.gz
  2. Move to the module directory. See README, INSTALL, and similar files for additional information.
    cd Digest-MD5-2.55
  3. Create the makefile.
    perl Makefile.PL
  4. Build the module.
  5. Run the tests.
    make test
  6. Install the module.
    make install